About Us
Hi! Thanks for your interest in Brieten.com and welcome!
We know how much you trust us that you’re placing in us when you order shoes online. We hope our story below helps you get a sense of where we came from and what we’re all about.

Brieten.com launched in October 2013 based on a foundation of love for the most fashionable women’s shoes and the ease of shopping online. By combining our owners’ individual talents in each of these areas, Brieten.com was born.
Breaking into the online shoe industry was no easy task; however, once our manufacturers saw our website and understood our forward thinking attitude, they realized that Brieten.com was really onto something. With our unique navigation system that allows users to quickly narrow down all the shoes to the exact pair they need and our free shipping that make shopping online hassle-free, we have always been about making shopping online easy and risk-free.
We realize there are many online choices for shoe shopping but we strive to provide a uniquely special experience. We have focused on selling various types of shoes to provide you with more options. We pride ourselves on having the best selection of women’s shoes anywhere on the web with personalized and knowledgeable customer service that cannot be found elsewhere.
We strive to continuously impress our customers with constant innovation on our web site and customer feedback is our best way of judging how things are working out for our users [click to contact us]. Most recently we gave the site a makeover to make it easier for our customers to use. See more information on our website.